Q: What is Loffredo Fresh Produce Company?

A: Loffredo is the Midwest's leader in specialty produce supply chain management utilizing the buying power of our affiliation with PRO*ACT, which includes 45 produce distributors and over 60 distribution centers across the country to service multi unit operators. Loffredo provides the coordination of direct grower pricing, cost visibility, information analysis, food safety and consolidated distribution. It brings optimal economic value to foodservice operators by synchronizing their needs into a streamlined supply chain system.

Loffredo Fresh Produce utilizes sources for specialty produce from coast to coast. In conjunction with our affiliation with PRO*ACT specialties, Harvest Sensations, in Los Angeles and Miami, we can cater to operators with menus or events requiring only the finest specialty produce available.

Q: Why should I consider Loffredo to manage my produce needs?

A: To stay competitive, today's foodservice operator must efficiently manage all aspects of the produce supply chain. Loffredo buys millions of cases annually from the top growers in the industry, ships them to across the country, thus delivering to several thousand operators. Loffredo integrates it all by providing pricing and invoice information online to keep track of your produce spending. Experienced produce professionals address price, quality, and service issues quickly and efficiently. They also demonstrate to operators how to smoothly and effectively consolidate their produce distributor base to reduce administrative time and expense. As an extension of your produce supply chain management team, Loffredo is fanatical about efficiency, simplicity and total value.

Q: Why should I use a produce specialist?

A: Produce doesn't get any fresher after it leaves the field, so it takes a highly efficient logistics system to maintain the proper temperatures for maximum quality and shelf life. Fresh produce also requires knowledge of ripening, processing and food safety. Finally, operators need specific service times to enable prep time maximization. This is where the produce specialist has distinct advantage over the regional or national broadliner. Produce requires special handling and attention that is best provided by a specialist with years of experience in managing produce, not just delivering it. Loffredo Fresh Produce is capable of hitting delivery windows six days a week, doing hotshot deliveries in a timely manner and providing local attention to their operators. Fresh produce--it's what we do!!

Q: Can Loffredo help the single state multi-unit operator?

Absolutely! Loffredo has one-call account managers at every distribution center who can help you with developing the best produce supply chain system for your operation. They can help coordinate all your needs and give you the benefits of consolidated purchasing.

Q: How can Loffredo help control my produce spending?

A: With years of experience in contracting produce, and through our affiliation with PRO*ACT, Loffredo knows the ins and outs of how best to develop a logistically efficient produce program. To flatline produce price fluctuations, operators may contract a portion of their purchases to better stabilize food costs. For example, weather delays in produce growing regions may cause a major spike in pricing for leaf lettuce at various times. Operators that contract prices with Loffredo not only avoid runaway market pricing but also have access to the supply. That's controlling your produce spending.

Q: How can Loffredo e-services benefit my company?

A: Do you know what produce was purchased at your three units in Des Moines? How about the five units in Kansas City? Omaha? Peoria? Sioux Falls? How about Madison, Wisconsin? Do you know how much romaine you used last quarter and what the average prices were market by market? Are your units buying off spec items? You cannot control produce spending if you do not have easy access to invoice data. Loffredo, thru PRO*ACT's online purchasing and reporting tools is the solution. You always have a snapshot at the past, knowing what your ordered, what items worked for you and your customers, and what did not. It can help save you a lot of time and money in the future!

Q: Can my units place orders online?

A: You bet! Loffredo offers customized online order entry after we have set up your produce items as specs. Your units can place orders directly via the Internet. For the National multi-chain group, your units can place their orders thru PRO*ACT e-services and it will automatically show up at your door when specified thru Loffredo order entry system. One point of entry--that's smooth!

Q: What food security and safety plans are in place with Loffredo Fresh Produce?

A: Loffredo Fresh Produce requires that each of its distribution locations have a food safety representative responible for maintaining our Food Security Plan. Although the plans are individualized and specific to each location, Loffredo written plans must include employee background checks and photo ID, restricted access to food handling and storage areas, monitoring of critical control points of the facility, and procedures for in-route security of the company's delivery vehicles. In addition, Loffredo maintains a 96% or better rating on our annual third-party food safety inspections for processing, warehousing facilities, as well as, food security.

Q: What grower/shippers do you purchase produce from?

A: Our select list of strategic grower/shippers includes but is not limited to:

  • Barilla
  • Birdseye
  • Boomsma Eggs
  • Christopher Ranch
  • Chunco Foods
  • D'Arrigo
  • Dole
  • Driscoll
  • Earthbound
  • Five Star Stocks & Bases
  • Fresh Express
  • Gills Onions
  • Greenline
  • Grimmway Carrots
  • Land O Lakes
  • Mann Packing
  • Market Fresh
  • Michael Foods
  • Mission Avocadoes
  • Muranaka
  • New Star
  • Nunes
  • Orval Kent
  • Primera Foods
  • Produce Exchange
  • Rainier
  • Robert's Dairy
  • Roland Gourmet
  • Schwartz Pickles
  • Sunkist
  • Sunrise Farms
  • Taylor Farms
  • Kingston Potatoes
  • Lance
  • Wada Farms
  • Walla Walla Onions
  • Wayne Bailey
  • Woodland Foods