Loffredo Fresh Produce is constantly looking for ways to make measurable strides in our goal of creating a greener tomorrow. We want to ensure future generations enjoy the earth as much as our ancestors did when they founded our company 120 years ago.

Sodexo recently presented us with the prestigious “2011 Better Tomorrow” award for our support of local farmers and communities through our scraps for livestock feed program which has diverted 57,000,000 pounds of waste away from landfills.

In addition to providing scrap to farmers, we also recycle our paper products and packaging. Since 2003 we’ve recycled about 10,000,000 pounds of paper and cardboard.

We also leverage advanced technologies such as our Transportation Management System to shrink our carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary miles driven. Routing our trucks more efficiently has decreased our miles traveled by about 500,000 per year.

Overall we feel these programs, along with keeping the earth in mind with everything we do, will help us create a better tomorrow.