Cheese and Dairy

From the farm to your cooler, Loffredo Fresh Produce provides its clients with quality, fresh products such as dairy and cheese.


Hiland Dairy, in business since 1906, is our dairy supplier and we fulfill customers’ needs with numerous varieties of milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, and other dairy products.  Our dairy provides customers with the key components they need for making the best recipes.


Loffredo Fresh Produce strives to provide world class foods and ingredients to our customers.  We stock over 20 varieties of premium and specialty cheeses and have the ability to special order a wide array of cheeses from countries worldwide.  From American to Swiss, Loffredo Fresh Produce has the cheeses to satisfy your appetizer, sandwich, and other menu needs.

For a complete listing of our dairy and cheese products, please contact us.