Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables

Loffredo Fresh Produce offers the convenience of made-to-order fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.  Our fresh-cut division offers an endless assortment of items to our foodservice and retail customers.  These items include every day needs such as sliced tomatoes, diced onions and cut fruit, specialty items such as fruit blends and custom packs, and customer-specified products such as stir-fry ingredients and fajita mixes.

Loffredo Fresh Produce fresh-cut product is prepared and packaged in our own 45,000 square foot Des Moines, Iowa, facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art processing equipment and operates under strict food-safety and quality management systems.

Your advantage in using Loffredo Fresh Produce Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables

  • Reliable Quality
    Our fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are of the highest quality available.
  • Minimal Lead Time
    We service fresh-cut needs 6 days a week.  We stock some of our more common items so they are available for your last minute needs.
  • Consistent Yield, Cost and Space Saving Opportunities
    Every bag yields 100% usable product. Order just what you need and know exactly what each portion costs while saving valuable space in your cooler or other storage areas.
  • Space Saving Opportunities and Decreased Deliveries
    With the purchase of products with 100% yield, thus giving you more storage space, you can store additional products, cutting down on your labor and invoicing costs.
  • Reduce Labor Cost and Increase Kitchen Safety
    Our fresh-cut fruits and vegetables minimize preparation time and labor costs.  Our trained production staff will help to reduce chances of accidents in your kitchen.
  • Increased Sanitation and Decreased Food-Safety Liability
    Your fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are ready to eat you will have less clean up in the kitchen. Our staff is trained in safe food handling practices and our department, along with the rest of the company follows a HACCP plan and is regularly inspected by state, federal and 3rd party auditors.

Other items
Fruit trays including fruit dips and vegetables party trays including dips and cheeses are perfect for busy party hosts.  These party trays are ideal solutions for easy entertaining.

During the holiday season we offer an assortment of fruit gift baskets.  There are a variety of sizes and fruits available in different decorative baskets to please friends, family, customers, or anyone else needing a gift!