Walnut Street, Des Moines, Ia 1892

Guisseppi Loffredo and family immigrated to the U.S. through Ellis Island in 1891

In 1892, Giuseppe established Loffredo Fruit and Tobacco Company at 4th & Court Ave downtown Des Moines

  • Original gardens located near old Holiday Inn on Fleur (near Gray’s Lake)
  • Purpose was to service Hotels, Restaurants and Soldiers
  • Used horses to cultivate land and also to deliver throughout Des Moines
  • Grew many different green vegetable items and tomatoes

In 1918, moved operations to 9th & Porter Ave in Des Moines

  • Needed larger warehouse and space for growing crops
  • Now had 300 acres
  • This was around the time Tony (son) took over the business
  • Tony known to introduce broccoli to Des Moines
  • Slowly phased out growing operation as interstates were developed and transportation from California took shape. This allowed the company to offer new items not familiar with the area
  • Tony retired in 1960 and left the business to his son Gene L. Loffredo
  • 1965 began purchasing 100% of product sold

1970 – We began our cutting/processing department

  • Two employees started peeling potatoes and shredding fresh lettuce in the back of our warehouse

In 1984, moved operations to airport location on McKinley & SW 34th

  • Business started transitioning to 4th generation ownership
    • Gene, John, Mike, Jim, Larry
  • The warehouse grew to 30,000 SF
  • Moved to our current location on 63rd Street in 1997 - 85,000 SF facility
  • Began building regional warehousing and distribution system
    • Quad Cities - 1997
    • Omaha - 1999
    • Kansas City - 2000
    • Madison - 2005
  • 1996 Gene Loffredo Sr. – Transitions into 4th generation management
  • 1999 – Became Pro*Act Member - Pro*Act is a National Network of local, independent distributors specializing in fresh produce and specialty food products.

In 2010, fifth generation began working in the business full time.

  • The company is currently going through a transition period to move the business from the fourth to the fifth generation
  • Established Produce Innovations in 2014 to embrace growth in fresh-cut segment
  • Square miles serviced (over 175,000 square miles)
  • Active accounts (over 2,500 active accounts)
  • Cases shipped annually (over 6 million annually)
  • Created Hwy 28 Farms label
  • Launched Season Well label – 2017
  • Omaha Purveyor of the Year